Lower healthcare costs with The Psych Nurse

Did you know that The Psych Nurse can help reduce medical costs and the number of hospitalizations and emergency room visits?

Rising healthcare costs are driving up premiums and deductibles. To combat this issue, insurers need to find new ways to change outcomes and cut costs – and they can do so with The Psych Nurse.

One way to measure this is with the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR), which is the percent of premium an insurer spends on claims and expenses that improve healthcare quality.

See how members have benefited:

For one member prior to admission into the program there were 26 admissions to a hospital which made the MLR 481.60%.

The following year that same patient had 2 admissions and their medical loss ratio went down to 187.08%.

Another member had 13 admits pre enrollment with MLR of 536.55% total admits post enrollment 5 with a MLR of 242.44%.

Contracts Available

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